Onboard your customers while social distancing

Video KYC Solution from GIEOM

Reduce time to onboard new customers by 90% and the onboarding cost by 70% with GIEOM’s Video KYC Solution.

GIEOM Digital Validator can enable organizations to

Onboard new customers using video KYC (VCIP) method

Convert eKYC customers to full KYC

Be fully compliant with the recent RBI regulation on VCIP

Trusted by major banks globally

Winner of ICC Financial Innovation in practice 2019

Winner of india's most prestigious software product innovation award NASSCOM league of 10

How it Works

Convert eKYC customers to full KYC

eKYC customer receives a URL from Account opening officer

Customer clicks on the "Start Calling" button in the URL

Account Opening officer answers the call

The officer guides the customer step by step to capture KYC and Liveness details

Customer account is opened instantly

Onboard New Customers

Banks publish QR code/ URL for Customer self on-boarding

Customers scan the QR code on this page using mobile

A link opens on the mobile

Step by step guidance is followed by customer to capture KYC and Liveness details

Customer account is opened instantly

Watch 1 min product introduction video


Customer Journey during Video KYC process

GIEOM Digital Validator front-end

Customer visits Banks Portal

Application Link

Customer captures image of ID document

Customer takes 5 sec selfie video for Liveness Test

AI based face match

Request or schedule a video call

Customer consent obtained for video call

  • VPN check
  • Bandwidth check
  • Secure connection

  • Customer shows ID document
  • RM captures screenshot

Customer uploads signature

Applicatiom form Submitted

GIEOM Validator back office dashboard

Accept/Reject Applications

Concurrent Audit

Dashboard to view Application Status

Forgery check

Submitted ID verified with govt. database


The application allows watermarking of details like Geotagging, date and time stamp to ensure that customer is physically present in India.

Using computer vision, the details on National ID are extracted, verified with Government database & auto filled in the relevant fields

Easy to build questionnaire using form builder tool

Built in video call facility

End to end encryption for storage of video recordings

Facial Matching on ID proof with face in video

Provision to schedule video call for a later time

All components of this solution are provided as API calls to coexist with existing onboarding platforms



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