• TLC Engine from temenos is a digital change management platform that comes with over 2000 best practice processes.
  • In case of an upgrade, TLC Engine helps in comparing best practice process across two versions of transact.
  • TLC Engine is a good process foundation which can be extended beyond Temenos products. 
  • Gieom’s OpsCentral is an add on product that brings Business Observability and Digital Policy helps bank digitize policies.
  • Gieom’s Risk Central addresses the ops risk and ops resilience requirements.

How ‘TLC Engine’ is of value to a bank?


Over 2000 best practice processes

Access to best practice processes of latest temenos product versions at no cost to all users of TLC Engine 

Create Banks Specific ‘Standard Operating Procedure’

Update the processes as per banks way of working so that a standard operating procedure get created. 

Create screen simulations of the final version of software’s used by the bank. This will help end user training during technology transformation and beyond

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