Digital Policy

  • Place of work has become immaterial post pandemic in many sectors including banking.
  • When people are working remotely and using multiple IT systems there is need to have full understanding of job roles and policies.
  • Regulators are insisting that all policies are continuously updated considering the changing regulatory guideline.

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    Business Process Observability

    • Financial Institutions are automating all that is automatable. Customers get to engage with a bank over a digital channel more than in-person interactions.
    • Business Observability Platform help financial institutions understand the customer journeys and take process improvement decisions. It also helps in observing effectiveness of control points in various processes.
    • What you can map you can measure; what you can measure you can monitor.
    • With our Ops Central platform, banks can bring KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and KCI’s (Key Control Indicators) related to process health from underlying transaction systems and display on process activities.
    • Business Owners can understand the reason for process performance as we will be able to show the DevOps, HR and Security related data leading to process KPI/KCI.
    • This information help business owners decide to process changes and Ops Central platform helps in raising actions and tracking to closure.

    Business Process Observability

    Business Process Observability
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