• ImpactGrows ’Diagnosis’ module helps Relationship Managers of bank to assess the ESG status of corporate clients without any direct interaction. This platform can digitally evaluate sustainability report of the corporate client and also use sentiment analysis to assess the ‘ESG controversy’. Output of this assessment will help Relationship Manager to suggest a Sustainability Linked Loan Product from bank as that can help the client in ESG Transition.

Sustainability Linked Loan Product (SLLP)

  • Bank can offer sustainability linked loans to its corporate clients using ImpactGrows platform interfaced with existing corporate loan management system used by bank.
  • Bank can create a sustainability linked loan product with its Sustainability Performance Targets (SPT)and interest claw back.
  • Corporate clients can apply for loan against one of the sustainability loan themes of the bank on ImpactGrows white labelled for the bank. Corporate can use the same platform to measure SPT and report to bank for availing interest claw back.
  • There is provision for a consultant appointed by the bank to assess the SPT claim of corporate by accessing underlying data that is presented to bank for SPT calculation.

ESG Reporting for the Bank

  • Bank can use ImpactGrows to collect data from various areas of its operations to generate reports as per GRI, SASB, TCFD, IR etc. This platform helps in parameterising the reporting module to address regional /country specific reporting requirements.
  • The Data Hub in ImpactGrows helps in collating data from various systems in the bank using its API gateway.
  • This Platform also helps in conducting materiality assessment.


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