Video Customer Engagement

  • Self Service has become the norm in financial services sector. Pandemic has boosted digital engagement in banks. There are certain areas in financial services that need human touch which can be done over a video call.
  • Wealth Management and Retail Loan are two areas video customer engagement is getting used.
  • Over a video call, credit officer from bank is now able to talk to customer, clarify questions on documents submitted, take pictures of asset and even mark the customer location on a map.
  • Our video customer engagement platform can be deployed in banks data centre interfacing with core banking application for seamless customer engagement over video call involving more than one person from the bank. The screen share, co-browse, image capture, geo tagging and recording and tagging of video engagement to customer record in the core system makes this platform unique.

Video Customer Engagement Brochure

Video Customer Engagement Demo Video

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    Operational Risk & Resilience

    ESG Assessment, SLLP, ESG Reporting 

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