Digital SOP Visualization

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Companies must conform to meet the challenges of business if they have to endure economic changes, fresh regulations, business rivalry, customer expectations and
technological interruption. Innovation is the key. Quick adaptation is another. Companies need to transform themselves by improving their current business models to be competitive and survive.

As your business expands, current processes may become either inadequate or obsolete. You might need an adjustment when the dynamics of business operations change. Your business may have outgrown its processes. It’s about time you upgrade your system.

Digital SOP Visualisation gives you a standard approach to every step of the documentation process including creation, collaboration, editing, approval, adjustment, notifications, rewriting, retiring docs, and filing so they are easy to find.

How it works

Co-author SOP by taking inputs from multiple departments, maintain version history and track interaction at every level.

Create a visual representation of SOPs in an easy-to-understand graphical format that acts as a single source of truth for every team.

Enrich the visual SOP with relevant information like IT System videos, forms, checklists, policy clauses and sub processes.

In-built workflow management for review and approval of SOP with status tracking

Publish SOPs in different formats and channels, be it for intranet or browser; core systems or for regulatory purposes.

Conduct enduser training for the employees on the new SOP.

Test users on their operational readiness using GIEOM’s built-in practice sessions.

Manage incremental upgrade to Technology Systems when Process, Regulations or Policies change by using the proprietary Ops Analyzer tool.

Why Enterprises choose GIEOM’s Digital SOP Visualization Tool?


Easier inter departmental
collaboration for SOP

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Faster SOP

WhyGIEOM_Icon – 1

Version management with accountability

WhyGIEOM_Icon – 6

Single source of truth for process audits

WhyGIEOM_Icon – 2

Align all employees to the organization’s standard of working.

WhyGIEOM_Icon – 7
Bring Business, SME’s, IT and System Integrators on the same page with automation identified on simplified to-be process maps.
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Gain Visibility into every IT system and process. Discover how they connect and the impact of change on one another.

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Create self-directed learning resources, including videos and practice sessions, so that employees are ready for the switchover

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Increased user adoption of the new IT system through self–paced learning
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Quickly and easily
communicate upcoming
changes with

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