Digital KYC

Online AI/ML Identity Verification with highest accuracy. Meet country specific regulatory requirements while authenticating customer’s identities.

Award Winning Technology that you can rely on

Winner of India’s most prestigious software product innovation award, NASSCOM League of 10

Financial Innovation
in Practise 2019


Document Recognition & Extraction



Facial Match & Liveness detection


Device and Platform agnostic



Workflow – review and approval


Self Onboarding / E-KYC Flow

Basic Info


Customer provides requisite basic information’s



Liveness Check

Facial Match




External Database Check (Optional)

API Integration

Define happy path and deviations



Core Solution Integration

Third Party Integration

KYC Completion


Self Onboarding/ E-KYC Completes

Status communicate to Customer

Leverage the Latest Technology & Experience the Difference

Reduce time to onboard new
customers by 90%- Complete KYC within minutes with pre-
filled forms
LeverageTechnology – 1
Lower Customer Acquisition
Cost – No more in-person verification
LeverageTechnology – 2
Flexible Deployment Options – Developed ground up and
supports On-Premise and 
cloud deployment
LeverageTechnology – 3
Get Accuracy like no other –
Fully trained AI/ML engine
with high accuracy to
recognize and read multi
country ID documents
LeverageTechnology – 4
Track and Monitor –
Command Centre dashboard
for auditors to get complete
visibility on the onboarding
LeverageTechnology – 5
Customisable workflows for various products
LeverageTechnology – 6
No need to download any
app – Digital Validator works
as progressive web
application and can be
seamlessly integrated into
bank’s processes across
multiple channels

GIEOM Digital Validator supports ID types across 195 countries.

Trusted by leading banks across the globe

Punjab National Bank, India’s second largest Public Sector
Bank has launched instant online savings account
opening via Video KYC powered by GIEOM Digital Validator.


PNB is the first Public Sector Bank in India to launch Video
KYC facility to enable its customers to avail all banking
services without visiting a branch or help from the bank
employees. This is aimed at boosting the bank’s distribution
capability and lower the cost of customer acquisition


Bahrain based Islamic retail bank goes live on AI-powered Online Identity Verification for Seamless Customer Onboarding.

The bank understood the importance of customer experience and their objective was to allow their customers to open an account and transact in minutes. With the changing ecosystem of millennial and Gen Z customers, their affinity to technology and internet, the bank had to embark on channels that would entice the new age users

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