Business Process Observability

What you can map, you can measure and if you can measure, you can monitor & improve

Business Process Observability approach helps in bringing out the “unknowns-unknowns”.

Business processes are interconnected and complex. Therefore, organisations will have to continuously monitor them to identify any performance issues before operations are impacted. With Business Process Observability solution, organisations can leverage the process level data to continuously monitor the health of the business processes to identify opportunities for improvement and automation, and also analyse the impact of such alternations. 

Business Process Observability helps organisations to make improvement a continuous process and an integral part of staying relevant.

Solution Capabilities

Process Discovery1


Supports 3 methods of process discovery – Automated, Integrated with BPMN and manual drawing of process flows

Process Observability1


Bring KPI’s related to process health from underlying systems and display on process activities

Process analysis1


Analytics helps to quantify, compare, identify and scale areas for possible improvement

Process Improvement1


Refine and enhance process performance through collaboration with other stake holders- process changes, micro automation, improvements and others

Issue management1


Process related loss events and other Issues can be reported across any line of defence

Remediation plan1


Considering the appropriate response, coming up with the action plan and drive the plan to a successful completion are the stages of the remediation plan supported by the solution

Benefits to Organisations

Centralized visibility across the business process end to end

Move from a manual method to automated method of monitoring

Insightful information based on objective data

Making automation investments in the right areas

Solution Features

The Business Process Visualization helps in quick and easy understanding of the step-by-step activity flow
Process owner gets a complete visibility of process performance
Observability helps in process analytics across the process using multiple metrics – KPI, SLA, Controls and others
Collaborative Features to create processes in consultation with other stake holders.
Issue management feature allows to track events across process and impact of events
Remediation management helps process owners to take corrective actions before the process causes severe impacts

How the Platform
the Consulting Partner

Deploy Ops Central Platform (white labelled) on Partner Server. Train a team to create content and maintain the setup

Consultants taking up assignments gets opportunity for services revenue, as help required by organisations to define metrics and integrations
Partner can get their team trained and provide implementation and project management services

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Brochures: Business Process Observability

Business processes are interconnected and complex. Therefore, organizations will have to continuously monitor them to identify any performance issues before operations are impacted. With Business …