Integrated Risk Management System


The application that is central in making your strategic objectives risk free.

GIEOM’s Risk Central provides a structured framework to manage, monitor and report critical risks that impact your business objectives and strategy. Our solution ensures that your operational staff, risk managers and the executive management are spending time building a resilient organisation rather than understanding how the application works.


Business Benefits

Risk Central can be used to define organisational strategic objectives and supports the Balanced Scorecard .

Business performance and risks can be tracked , and interventions made to ensure the strategic objectives of the organisation are met.

Risk Central supports the top-down approach for enterprise risks and the bottom-up approach for departmental product, process and other risks.

The application has a seamless nexus between both the approaches to facilitate the modern organisation’s need for strategic growth and execution efficiencies.

Perform risk adjustments to strategic objectives with a comprehensive approach for Organisation's performance.

The system can auto calculate residual risks based on various events and changes or exceptions happening in the underlying processes.

Critical Capabilities

A comprehensive entity scoping , both physical and non-physical entity framework facilitates visualization & ways to allocate risks and controls at different levels.

Impact Analysis to identify the impact of Risks & Controls on all the business elements such as Process, Policy, IT systems

The application is designed with an open architecture , superior and modern user experience .

Users can setup Risk and Controls registers with ease and report loss events, incidents and deviations, monitor and report risks and performance with minimal IT support.

The application provides the business user the ability to create interactive dashboards & reports with minimal IT support

Automated alerts and notifications are triggered when risk thresholds are crossed.

GIEOM Risk Central is an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Application:

That is built for today's organisations Ops Risk, GRC, ERM needs and more.

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