GRC Landscape – An Overview & Best Practices

In Association with

The JADEtc. Partnership


Thursday, June 15, 2023


12:30 PM – 01:30 PM (GTM + 5:30)


Andrew Sheen

30+yrs across Banking and UK regulator. Experience includes FSA/PRA, BCBS ORWG, HSBC, Credit Suisse

Dr. David

30yrs in Banking, covering senior roles in operations and risk management at MD level.

Dr. Jimi

25yrs of experience. Experience includes Chairman of IOR. UK FSA, MUFG, BNYM, EU WGOR

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    GRC stands for governance, risk and compliance. It is a system that helps organizations to align their objectives, strategies and operations with the relevant laws, regulations and standards. A GRC system can provide many benefits for organizations, such as:

    • Enhancing performance and efficiency by streamlining processes and reducing duplication
    • Improving decision making and accountability by providing clear roles and responsibilities
    • Mitigating risks and ensuring compliance by identifying, assessing and managing potential threats and obligations
    • Increasing trust and reputation by demonstrating transparency and integrity to stakeholders

    Implementing a GRC system can help organizations to achieve their goals and fulfil their obligations in a consistent, effective and ethical manner.

    Join us for a webinar on ‘GRC Landscape – An Overview & Best Practices’.  This webinar will cover:

    • What is GRC
    • Managing Risk vs Managing Data
    • GRC Benefits
    • GRC Capabilities
    • GRC Outcomes
    • Mistakes, Errors and Omissions
    • Absence of evidence is evidence of absence
    • GRC System:  Phases, Rules and Pitfalls