risk central

GIEOM’s Risk Central provides a structured framework to managemonitor and report critical risks and opportunities that impact your business objectives and strategy. Our solution ensures that your operational staff, risk managers and the executive management are spending their valuable time deriving business value from risk management rather than understanding how the application works.

Risk Central is a low code platform that supports configurable workflows, user-defined forms and easy to create interactive dashboards. The solution helps to periodically measure inherent and residual risk, evaluate control effectiveness, and carry out self-assessments too. Risk Central helps you leverage risk management more strategically to create value-driven performance across your organization.

Our APIs integrate seamlessly with third party systems to present a unified data set for dynamic risk reporting and analysis.  

Solutions that Risk Central Provides

GIEOM’s Risk Central’s Operational Risk Management (ORM) application is built for today’s organizations Ops RiskGRC and ERM needs and more. It supports Top-Down Strategic Operational Risks managed at Enterprise and Business Levels. Bottom-Up Process Operational Risks can be defined and managed at Execution Level. Process Criticality can be used as an input to calculate risk scores and Action Plans can be raised.

Risk Based Performance Management

Risk Central can be used to define organizational strategic objectives and supports the balanced scorecard.

Business performance and risks can be tracked, and interventions made to ensure the strategic objectives of the organization are met.



The ability to prevent, respond to, recover from, and learn from operational interruptions is a key priority of operational resilience. Previously, that concept was associated with catastrophe recovery or business continuity. Operational resilience has evolved into a blend of business continuity, vendor risk management, cybersecurity, and more as a result of technological advancements and the digital transformation of corporate processes.



Organizations come across Incidents and Loss Events which have serious financial consequences even with all preventive measures in place. Risk Central’s Incident management solution provides consistent procedures for incident or event recording, triaging, investigating, tracking, and closure.

Incidents can be linked to organizations, processes, controls, risks, policies, and regulations to identify compliance or regulatory risk. For Insurance supported recovery of losses, Incidents can be amended, and audit trailed for changes made.

Organizations need the ability to manage various types of compliances across different policies and to overcome the lack of adherence to Regulations.

Risk Central provides transparent, actionable regulatory compliance management process, Track and monitor your enterprise-level compliance status and a checklist to be up to date.

Third Party Risk Management​

A simple , structured and step by step approach to vendor management. Be alerted on the possible risks and implement corrective action.

Risk Central provides seamless and transparent end-to-end vendor management right from, onboarding to monitoring, periodic assessment and regular reporting .

Audit Management

Mange the complete audit life cycle in an efficient and automated way and improve your decision-making process.

Risk Central provides an integrated framework to follow a Risk Based approach to audit and helps in reducing risk and accelerate performance.

Organizations face complex challenges, from regulatory changes and data security threats to operational risks that can disrupt success. Gieom`s GRC solution is designed to empower your business with the tools it needs to navigate this landscape confidently. By seamlessly integrating governance, risk management, and compliance into a single, cohesive platform, our solution simplifies complexity and fosters a secure, efficient, and compliant future. 

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