Policy Builder

Policy Builder allows businesses to convert external regulatory & policy documents into valuable internal policies that enable employees rather than confusing them.

Policy Builder works with GIEOM’s Digital Blueprint to attach your new internal policies to the processes which they affect. Used in this way, any employee can easily pull up any regulations or policies associated with the processes they use.

Using Ops Analyzer, businesses can conduct a multi-level analysis to assess the impact of a change in regulation on every other part of your business. This tool reveals the policies, systems, and documents which are affected by the change and enables you to send the information you’ve found to the relevant departments.

  • Businesses using Policy Builder experience a significant reduction in regulatory non-compliance.
  • The easier way to ensure compliance: efficiently analyze your business to ensure every regulatory change is reflected in your policies, systems, and documents.
  • Quickly communicate changes in policy to the affected departments and personnel.
  • Automatic text conversion and search tools enable you to find, assess and rewrite the relevant sections of an external document quicker.

Policy Builder is ideal for:

Any business that needs to stay up-to-date with new regulatory changes.

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