CIO Review features GIEOM in 20 most Promising Banking Technology Companies of 2016

As BFSI organisations face an increasingly complex regulatory environment and accelerating pace of change; coping with new regulations, new product launches and changes in operational procedures has become an imperative task. Therefore, in order to achieve ‘Excellence’, the operations need to marry regulatory change with the banking business processes. GIEOM, based at Bangalore links visualized business paths with applicable regulations, policies and IT systems to help in analysing the impact of changing regulatory requirements to business processes in the Banking and Financial Services industry. GIEOM’s DIGITAL BLUEPRINT products enable Banks create a Standard Operating Procedure that is driven by Regulatory Compliance.

Enjoying the confidence of more than 100,000 users across 50+ countries globally; GIEOM has been adopted by several banks worldwide like MCB (Mauritius), Societe Generale (Mozambique), Samba Financial Group (Saudi Arabia, UAE, United Kingdom), NedBank (South Africa), SME Bank (Malaysia) and in India at IndusInd, RBL, South Indian Bank, IDFC Bank, Yes Bank & Federal bank for regulatory compliance driven operational excellence. “Operational and Regulatory analytics that is derived from GIEOM gives meaningful information for business teams to make the necessary changes to the operating procedures. GIEOM further ensures that the communication to the impacted employees and control of the processes for regulatory needs and operational efficiency is achieved,” says John Santhosh, CEO, GIEOM.

Technology Transformation for Assured Compliances
With improving operational standards; customers are experiencing reduced operational risks these days. GIEOM also works towards enabling organizational capacity building and achieving improved agility to help clients achieve operational excellence. The company facilitates clients to publish business processes in a graphical, interactive and easy to understand format through its product- GIEOM Digital Blueprint that assembles and interconnects process diagrams, policies, templates, IT trainings and work instructions. In addition to this, the POLICY BUILDER, another product from GIEOM, empowers the creation of well-structured policies with granular linkages to processes, while maintaining the traceability to source underlying regulations and industry standards. “Policy Builder allows clients to publish all elements based on roles and business processes; and the feature of data exporting in various formats like PDF, Excel and XML that allows other applications to consume the content,” claims John.

Moving forward, GIEOM has created a new space called ‘Electronic Operations Management and Compliance Assurance-(EOMCS)’ as a result of research work conducted by management team at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Further, GIEOM is presently strengthening its product capability within DIGITAL COCKPIT which addresses the regulatory compliance needs, to include compliance controls and behavioural analytics. This is a unique space in the ‘RegTech’ sector- a combination of technology, business processes and regulations to address both regulatory challenges and efficiency- that has got global recognition. With its API layer, company envisions to seamlessly integrate with other core transaction engines like ERP, CRM & core banking software in the upcoming years. Moreover, with main focus towards taking GIEOM product to global markets especially USA /EU through collaboration with the major Consulting firms; company plans on expanding to other highly regulated and people oriented Industry verticals in the near future.

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