Gamified Employee Onboarding

Drive employee engagement right from Pre-boarding to Onboarding to Functional training.

GIEOM’s gamified employee onboarding platform can be used right from the point where a job offer is extended to a new employee to onboarding them virtually through ID verification to finally enabling on the job learning.

This platform uses game-based elements like badges, scores, and rewards to motivate employees to complete tasks. The entire onboarding process is broken down into missions and new hires are expected to complete each mission to unlock next levels.

Employees are rewarded with cash prizes/goodies as they accomplish each learning task assigned to them. This motivates them to complete many more tasks hence driving employee engagement & satisfaction.

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See how you can use GIEOM’s Gamification platform to turn your mundane training process into an effective and engaging activity. Increase knowledge retention and assess knowledge. Click here to try a demo game today.

A complete Gamified solution for every step


Post extending the job offer to your new joiners, provide an engaging and immersive onboarding experience to make them aware about your company’s core values, mission, vision and corporate policies.

The pace with which a new joiner engages with the application gives an insight about the churn index and the probability score of the recruit joining the company. This feature in the admin panel is a useful analytic tool for the HR managers.

Formal Onboarding

New joiners can be formally onboarded through digital identity checks without visiting office premises. They can just upload a selfie, ID documents and signature which undergoes facial match, liveness detection and data extraction phases using our proprietary AI/ML system.

Functional Training

Once onboarding is complete, the new joiners are now trained on the functional aspects of their job. The training content is in the form of graphical format for easy understanding. All the policies, regulations, checklists, templates, IT simulations etc. are added on the process diagrams as pins.

Employees are assessed with MCQ tests at the end of training and certification is provided.

Why organizations opt for Gamified Onboarding?

The more quickly a new hire understands company’s history, culture, business operations and how their role is important in achieving organizational goals, the more quickly the employee engages and performs.

New hires take control of their learning path right from day 1 and are motivated by rewards, scores, and badges.

HR Managers can start engaging with their new recruits even before they join the organization. This can help in reducing the Pre-onboarding churn rate.

The admin panel enables HR Managers to analyze the progress and performance of the employees.

The entire application is fully customizable as per company’s branding, messages, questions and training content.

Organizations can benefit from our Off-the-shelf onboarding modules to gamify information-heavy induction modules


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