Digital Validator

GIEOM Digital Validator helps Banks and Financial Institutions automate their customer onboarding and digital KYC verification process. This reduces the cost of KYC validation by 70% and improves customer experience during the onboarding process. BFSI firms reeling under the impact of the recent Supreme Court ruling, making Aadhaar non-mandatory for KYC verification, now have a cost effective and scalable solution to keep KYC costs and manpower requirements under control. GIEOM’s Validator uses machine learning and computer vision to verify digitized customer identification documents and paper based application processing forms. This enables businesses to verify KYC, check application form completeness, and assess any other document in a fraction of the time a human could perform the same task – and at a far higher degree of accuracy. Validator works with both branch office, web and mobile based customer onboarding processes.

Validator can be trained to check if an expected field has been filled in and will flag if it has not. The Validator eKYC Engine is a centralized digital KYC Repository that can be used by other IT systems like core banking systems, CRM etc. to authenticate KYC details with customer consent. The centralized repository enables Financial Institutions to comply with stringent data privacy regulations like GDPR. Customer information extracted from these documents can be made available to other core systems

  • AI-powered document-checking with high accuracy.
  • Increase in verification speed improves turn-around-time.
  • Switch staff from document verification to value-added tasks.
  • Discourage and detect fraudulent activity
  • Programmed to verify a wide range of country specific different KYC documents, including driver’s license, passport, and voter ID.
  • Customer details are extracted and provided via APIs to core systems

Digital Validator is ideal for:

Any business that wants to increase the accuracy and speed of their KYC and document verification processes.

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