Digital Controls

Every time a business uses a process there is an opportunity for an expensive error or a breach of compliance. GIEOM’s Digital Controls enables businesses to define, measure, and manage operational risks for process steps that are impossible to automate.

These risks don’t happen in a vacuum – they have a very real effect on a business’s success. Business controls can be applied to manage these risks to measure the effect these controls have on reducing risk and impact revenue generation and reduce costs. .

Digital Controls system can also collect data from core transactional systems and test the controls laid out within these system. The system auto triggers tasks seeking evidence of work done by users in other systems to verify business compliance to the organization processes and policies. Users will be asked to self-attest confirmation of compliance for all controls laid out both on a adhoc and scheduled basis.

The system promotes user accountability with diarized reminders and alerts.

  • Controls reduce human error and compliance breaches.
  • Compliance verification is quicker and easier.
  • Track the effect controls have on key business metrics.
  • Operational risks can be monitored .
  • Organization is always audit ready.

Digital Controls is ideal for:

Any business that wants to manage operational risks associated with organization processes and policies.

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