Digital Controls

Financial Institutions who want to adopt a comprehensive Operational risk management framework know that the most important factor to watch out for are their employees. Even in a digital age, employees can cause substantial damage when they do things wrong, either by accident or on purpose.Problems can arise from a combination of factors, including intentional and illegal breaches of policies and rules, sloppy execution, lack of knowledge and training, and unclear and sometimes contradictory procedures.GIEOM’s Digital Controls is an AI powered application that allows banks to build an effective & inclusive operational risk management system. It’s simple interface can be used by everyone in the organization right from the executives to the Business process owners.The solution has the capability of optimizing the Risk department’s resources by automating tasks like classification and reporting. Features like incident reporting, loss management, risk control self assessment, KRI & KPI tracking paired with a powerful dashboard makes this tool a comprehensive risk management solution.

Digital Controls is ideal for:

Any business that wants to manage operational risks associated with organization processes and policies.

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