Digital Blueprint

Digital Blueprint is your single source of truth for the processes and Standard Operating Procedures that connect your employees, partners, customers, and vendors.Without this visibility, information is dispersed across different documents, systems, and employees. This hinders change management, slows integration of new processes and systems, and increases the frequency of errors. Ultimately, this results in a poorer experience for both the user and the customer they are serving.Businesses can increase efficiency and reduce mistakes by clearly documenting both manual and system steps in a graphical, easy to understand format. Additionally, the Ops Analyzer enables businesses to identify how changes in one business element will impact other business elements.
  • Document all the information your employees need in one place: pin forms and other essential documents to process maps.
  • Enable customers to solve their own problems through self-directed learning, including training videos and risk-free practice sessions.
  • Missed the memo? Context-sensitive notifications inform employees of relevant changes directly on the transaction screen.
  • Simple and easy to integrate with any IT system.

Digital Blueprint is ideal for:

Any process-driven business that wants to manage change and train employees better

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