Key Risk Indicators -A Powerful Tool to Anticipate Your Risk Within the Enterprise

In simple terms, Key Risk Indicator (KRI) is a metric used to measure the level of exposure to risk. These are indicators that denote the unfavourable situation or troubles ahead which could have a negative impact on the enterprise. KRIs are important As they help in highlighting a trend and predicting the potential high-risk area. […]

Hongkong’s Regulations for Operational Resilience

Hongkong regulation blog| Gieom Operational Resilience

On 22nd December, 2021 HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) came up with a Supervisory Policy Manual for Operational Resilience to provide Authorized Institutions (AI) with guidance on the general principles which they are expected to consider when developing their operational resilience framework. When is an AI said to be Operationally Resilient? An AI is said […]