Get started with Digital Identity Verification


In a growing interconnected digital economy, identity verification of an individual’s real-world identity against their digital one has become ever critical in fraud detection. The ability to do this quickly and to comply with the regulations and ever-stricter AML policies has become crucial for business success. What is Digital Identity Verification? The heart of the […]

Why are organizations jumping onto the AI-enabled Identity verification bandwagon?


Who has not experienced being asked to show some kind of government ID, be it to receive your courier, or check into a hotel, or open a bank account or travel somewhere? Organisations are mandated by their regulators to verify the identity of the customer, they are engaging with. Human verification is rapidly being replaced […]

What is Identity Proofing?


As per the Digital Identity Guidelines published by NIST, a US agency, Identity Proofing is verifying the claimed identity of an applicant by authenticating the identity source documents provided by the applicant. Identity Proofing usually focuses on use cases in which an organization is interacting with someone for the first time. Examples can be account […]

New Amendment to KYC Regulation by RBI – 10th May, 2021


In Jan 2020, Reserve Bank of India amended the KYC norms allowing banks and other lending institutions to use Video based Customer Identification Process (VCIP) to onboard customers remotely. This year on 10th May 2021, RBI has again amended this regulation to simplify and rationalise the process of periodic updation of KYC. Below are the […]