PNB Leverages GIEOM Digital Validator for Video KYC Process

Punjab National Bank (PNB) uses Gieom Digital Validator to Streamline Video KYC Process PNB wanted to adapt to the changing banking industry and gain a competitive edge by transforming their business faster and meeting regulatory standards. PNB chooses gieom’s Video KYC solution to enable quick and easy customer onboarding with minimal documentation for various services […]

Mashreq Bank Achieves Full SOP Digitization with GIEOM Blueprint

Mashreq Bank achieves complete SOP Digitization with Gieom Digital Blueprint One of the UAE’s best-performing banks for over five decades, Mashreq is a leading financial institution with an expanding footprint across the Middle East and North Africa with a strong presence in the financial capitals of the world with international offices in Europe, Asia, Africa […]

South Indian Bank Completes SOP Digitization with GIEOM

South Indian Bank achieves complete SOP Digitization with GIEOM Digital Blueprint South Indian Bank Limited (SIB) is a major private sector bank headquartered in Kerala, India. South Indian Bank has 857 branches, 4 service branches, 54 ext. counters and 20 Regional Offices spread across more than 27 states and 3 union territories in India. To […]

Next-Gen Bank Adopts Streamlined Video KYC with GIEOM Validator

A New Age Bank adopts streamlined Video KYC process with GIEOM Digital Validator Being the only bank to get the “Small Finance Bank” license from RBI (Reserve Bank of India), they are striving towards providing the best in class ‘Customer Experience’ for their users. With more than a decade of banking experience they have served […]

SOP Digitization at IDFC Bank

SOP Digitization at IDFC Bank IDFC Bank selected GIEOM to standardize their SOP’s and to ensure Regulatory Compliance and their Internal Policies are strictly adhered to. The bank had strict deadlines and the project was executed in two phases. The bank wanted to provide services to villages and towns in remote areas. The staff delivered […]

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Enhances Efficiency with GIEOM

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia achieves increased Operational Efficiency with GIEOM CBE is one of 19 commercial banks that operates in the heavily regulated and fiercely competitive Ethiopian banking industry. Like most banks, it focused on the retail and SME business segments sector through financing trade and agriculture. As the bank embarked on an expansion path […]

Mauritius Commercial Bank Transforms Core Banking with GIEOM

GIEOM helps Mauritius Commercial Bank in Core Banking Transformation Mauritius Commercial Bank, founded in 1838, is the oldest and largest banking institution of Mauritius. It is also the oldest banking institution south of the Sahara and one of the oldest banks of the Commonwealth to have preserved its original name. Core IT transformation project hit […]

National Microfinance Bank, Tanzania Embraces Digital Change with GIEOM

National Microfinance Bank, Tanzania undergoes Digital Change Management with the help of GIEOM National Microfinance Bank Plc (NMB) is one of the largest commercial banks in Tanzania, providing banking services to individuals, small to medium sized corporate clients, as well as large businesses. It started initially as a payments and small finance bank and later […]

Yes Bank Chooses GIEOM to Streamline its Processes

Yes Bank Chooses GIEOM to Streamline its Processes Get to know how Yes Bank, India’s fourth largest private sector bank uncovered the secret to its success by implementing a tool that can marry technology and staff competency and create a perfect recipe of operational excellence. To streamline the process, Yes Bank partnered with GIEOM, a […]