Video Customer Engagement

Video customer Engagement 1

In the present digital world, many customers prefer the convenience of digital services and self-service options for handling their queries or accessing services. However, there are still situations where customers may require a personalized, human touch for their interactions with a business by not going to a physical location due to long wait times, limited […]

Digital SOP Visualization

Policy and SOP Digitisation

With organizations moving towards digital transformation journey, embracing new hybrid work culture, new employees onboarding/change in roles, the SOPs need to be updated, actionable and automated to keep the users knowledgeable, compliant and vigilant on their day-to-day operations.

Digital Policy

Policy and SOP Management

With organizations moving towards a hybrid work culture and with heavy compliance requirements from the regulators, the policies and SOPs need to be amended accordingly and automated to keep the users compliant and vigilant in their day-to-day operations.

Business Process Observability


Business processes are interconnected and complex. Therefore, organizations will have to continuously monitor them to identify any performance issues before operations are impacted. With Business Process Observability solution, organisations can leverage the process level data to continuously monitor the health of the business processes to identify opportunities for improvement and automation, and also analyse the […]

Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management Solution

Operational Risk Management Organizations face various operational risks due to the dynamic and complex nature of the business environment. These risks include cybersecurity attacks, natural calamities, regulatory non-compliance, human errors and more. To ensure business continuity and resilience, organizations require effective and flexible operational risk management solution that can assist them in mitigating these risks […]

Operational Resilience

Operational Resilience

Enterprises have understood that disruption are not a one-off event but part of the business as usual. Things will go wrong, and enterprises are forced to plan on how to recover from the disruption. Enterprises are looking to be resilient to be able to protect and sustain their core business functions when experiencing operational stress […]

Incident Management

Incident Management

DO YOU FIND IT DIFFICULT TO COORDINATE YOUR INCIDENTS IN REAL-TIME? Even with all the protective measures in place, Organizations are subjected to Incidents that can have significant financial consequences. Loss event data must be tracked, assessed, and managed as part of risk management, which contributes to risk assessment and monitoring. By addressing such incidents […]

Compliance Assurance


NEED A WAY TO ANTICIPATE AND MITIGATE RISK TO MANAGE YOUR ENTERPRISEWIDE COMPLIANCE? We are all aware of how the business environment is always changing and new regulations are issued on a regular basis. Why? Because the possibility of legal sanctions, fines, or failure to comply with any rules and regulations is increasing, it is […]

Digital KYC (Self-Onboarding)

While the ‘Digital’ has become a new normal, especially in BFSI sector, it is extremely important for any organization to factor the new technology adoption with operational efficacy, ease in the implementation, and superior customer experience as part of their digital transformation initiatives. GIEOM Digital Validator helps organizations to automate customer onboarding/Digital KYC process using […]

Video KYC (Assisted Onboarding)

Video KYC

With a lot of digital automation initiatives across the globe in various sectors, it is also important to strike a balance between technology and customer experience. There is a larger community out there who prefers to have a human touch point along with the technologies. Gieom Video KYC solution helps to onboard the customer remotely […]