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GIEOM on the cloud

We have always believed in providing the best service to our customers in a way that helps them realise the value of our product before they make heavy investments in the infrastructure. Hosted applications can be a great way to increase mobility and lower costs and this is the reason we have designed GIEOM to work efficiently, securely and seamlessly on the cloud.

Rather than installing software on a computer that sits in your office, the applications that you need to run your business are stored on servers in data centers managed by us. You access your software and your business data via a web browser from any computer that is connected to the internet anywhere in the world.

This translates into the following benefits for you

Lower initial cost

Instead of buying software, you essentially rent it from us. You pay a monthly fee for each user. You also avoid the expense and hassle of paying for software upgrades. There is only one copy of the software running on the servers "in the cloud" and each time you log in, you access the latest and greatest features without having to do anything extra.

Lower overhead & Lower TCO

Your IT infrastructures needs are greatly reduced with GIEOM on the cloud. We securely host GIEOM for you and maintain the hardware, upgrade the software and keep the service running. You can focus on running your business rather than on maintaining your computers. All you need is a computer with a fast and reliable web connection.

Maximum mobility

Because your programs and data reside "in the cloud", you can access GIEOM from anywhere you can reach the web. With today's wireless laptops and smart phones, you don't even have to sit behind a desk!

Business Continuity

Having your business records backed up in the cloud better protects your data from losses due to catastrophes like a server meltdown. If your hard drive simply takes a nosedive, your data are backed up automatically and continuously at multiple remote locations by us. Of course, you are counting on us to take care of the data, but we go great lengths to protect your data because our entire business depends on it.

Web Based Collaboration

Perform collaboration using our "optimized for web" architecture securely with no set-up hassles. Enable collaboration between internal staff (and if you so require, with business partners and external consultants as well).

Fast Deployment

Hit the ground running. A pilot can usually start with just one week’s notice. No delays waiting on your internal IT department or Outsourced IT service to get up-to-speed.

Fully Scalable Service

The approach is fully scalable with four levels of service, from initial pilot through to large enterprise production system with full fault tolerance, allowing clients to scale their use of GIEOM in line with demand. Later you can choose, if you prefer, to move all the data to an in-house installed instance.

Enhanced Support and Remote Consulting

Seamless support from GIEOM as our support staff and consultants can remotely log-in, while delivering support or remote consulting assistance.

Our managed service supports clients who would like to outsource the software - either just for an initial project, before bringing it in-house - as well as clients who wish to have the solution hosted permanently.