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Business Tranformation

Whether you are implementing a Core Banking software, an ERP, running a Lean program, implementing new HR policies or Outsourcing, all transformation initiatives feed into the overall Business Excellence program. This means that managing every transformation initiative is more than just "going-live" on a new system or asking your employees to work in a new manner or cutting costs - 360 degree views are needed to ensure that every initiative adds to the top-line and the bottom-line.

GIEOM addresses Business Transformation in its entirety. GIEOM provides end-to-end business visibility,which will help you integrate silos and enable true business performance enhancement. The net result is sustainable benefits and lower risks. This means that we address the key aspects of any transformation viz.


GIEOM's fundamental capability is to make change easily digestible. People are the most important part of a transformation exercise. GIEOM helps all stakeholders understand, appreciate and incorporate change into their day-to-day work faster - with less sweat.


The heart of any transformation exercise is change of Processes. This is the reason GIEOM is designed to define Process as the first element from where all other relationships are derived and linked. GIEOM, by virtue of this strength, is able to offer unparalleled ability to manage the change around processes.


Technology has an impact within the organization irrespective of the initiative being a Technology Transformation one or not. This may involve changing the way you use existing technology infrastructure. GIEOM simplifies identifying technology touchpoints of transformation and the change management related to it.

GIEOM helps you in your transformation initiatives whether you are:

changing your appearance to improve services to customers

changing your shape by reviewing and reappraising what you should do, by working with partners and by making better use of all types of resources

changing your form by improving the way your business works, and embracing new organisational structures, skills, processes and technology